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about Ferris Rabbitry

Ferris Rabbitry was started as part of a homestead project to breed quality rabbits in a safe and healthy environment. I started with a colony setup, letting 4 does and 1 buck live in a 10ft x 19ft run together to watch their dynamic and see how they built their social structure. They are still thriving and have produced many litters since their establishment in the Summer of 2020. 

I strive to create a stimulating environment for my rabbits, including growing my own greens and flowers for munching, building my own rabbit furniture for playing, and researching rabbit social behaviors and instincts to understand their actions and support their natural tendencies.

All of my rabbits available for adoption are from healthy stock. I welcome questions about my setup, rabbit diet, exercise, grooming, pairing, breeding, weaning, and any other questions from new parents to breeders. 

Thank you for your interest in Ferris Rabbitry! 

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