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  • What should I have prepared before taking by bunny home?
    You should have the housing set up, food and hay purchased, water bowl or bottle filled, and litter box set up (if using litter). Housing should be approximately 40 sq ft including the hutch area. I recommend at least a Large dog kennel (42" x 30") with a 6ft x 6ft playpen attached. I do not recommend hutch-only setups. Hutches are ok for short periods, or for their safety if other pets are in the house. But all rabbits need exercise and should not be kept in hutches for extended periods of time. I purchase food from Tractor Supply, I buy either Dr. Pol's rabbit pellet or Manna Pro. I purchase hay from Tractor Supply, I buy grass or orchard hay blends in 40lb compressed bales. I do not recommend hay pellets as rabbits do better on long stem grasses which aid in proper digestion.
  • Do you ship rabbits?
    I do not ship rabbits. Due to cases of contagious diseases for rabbits popping up over the US I am not participating with courriers at this time. I am willing to meet for free within 15 miles of Choctaw, OK or $0.50 per mile for ranges within 50 miles of Choctaw, and for set fees to Lawton, Tulsa, Dallas TX, Wichita Falls TX, and certain other major cities outside the OKC area for a set fee. Please inquire, thank you!
  • How long will you hold a rabbit before pickup?
    I understand taking time off work, travel, family schedules, and many life factors contribute to not being able to pickup within one week of purchase. I am more than willing to work with you! I will typically hold the rabbits for up to 2 weeks after deposit is paid and after the bun is weaned, whichever is the later date. If the customer is unable to pick up within that time I will discuss alternate options with the customer but will most likely offer to deliver (possibly for a fee if outside of 15 mi radius) or request to relist the bunny and the deposit is forfeited at that time. Customers who do not remain in contact will forfeit their deposit and the bunny will be reilsted 2 weeks after weaning or 2 weeks after purchase, whichever is the later date.
  • Do you have a health guarantee?
    I perform a health check and include the results in the take-home packet with all bunnies. I ensure the bunnies I offer for adoption are healthy and free of visible signs of disease. No rabbits for adoption are known carriers of any diseases or genetic issues. I cannot guarantee health after the rabbit leaves my hands. It is the customers responsibility to check the rabbit before taking it home and it is assumed after the rabbit leaves Ferris Rabbitry that the customer is happy with the health and state of their new rabbit. That said, I am always willing to answer questions about rabbits from Ferris Rabbitry. Health concerns should always be presented to a veterinarian and I guarantee there were no known health concerns present at time of adoption to the best of my knowledge.
  • What should I expect on adoption day?
    I will meet you or you are welcome to pick up your new baby! I usually set up a playpen in the front yard and have your bunny out so you can see them when you pull up. I will provide a packet with information and your rabbit's visual health check performed in front of you and documented in your take-home packet. You are welcome to spend some time learning how to hold your rabbit, observe your rabbits behavior, and perform your own health check. First-time owners can ask questions, talk to the breeder, and check out the supplies used at the rabbitry. If you paid in advance, you are welcome to take your bunny at any time! If not, once you are satisfied with your bunny and ready for purchase please pay before I prepare your bunny for travel. I have sprouted fodder setups and hydroponic lettuce/green growing setups that you are welcome to see! Some can be set up for as little as $20, and I sell single setups if you're interested in purchase. Fresh grown greens are so important for enrichment and proper diet, feel free to take a look and start your own grow for your bun :)
  • Do you sell other livestock or livestock products?
    Ferris Rabbitry is part of Ferris Farms, which sells goats milk soap, cold process soap, lotion bars, rabbit fiber for spinning, (coming soon: spun rabbit yarn, southown wool, southdown yarn), bunny gardens, small-scale hydroponic grow setups, poultry (chicks, ducks, quail, turkeys), hatching eggs, insects for chicken feed (roaches and mealworms), seed mixes for forage, and crocheted products. Ferris Farms is currently working on a full website with purchase capability, I will post the link as soon as it's live!
  • How do I adopt a bunny?
    To adopt a bunny, please contact Ferris Rabbitry via the "Contact" tab on the website, or by contacting us directly at and request adoption of the bunny you chose. Please include the name of the rabbit you're interested in purchasing, whether you'll be putting down a deposit or paying in full, and whether you'd like to pickup in Choctaw or meet at another location. Deposits are 50% of the total purchase price and are non-refundable, deposits are required to hold a rabbit. The deposit is put towards the purchase of a rabbit upon adoption.
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